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Miller AEAD-200LE Legend Generator Issues

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  • Miller AEAD-200LE Legend Generator Issues

    Hi Everyone,I have a 1989 Miller AEAD-200LE Legend that had been sitting in a shed for 2 years without being run and operated. When it went into the shed, everything on it functioned properly the way it should. A couple months ago I got it out and it welded fine, but would not idle down. So with the way these welders function... weld @ RPM and generate @ idle, I figured if I could get it to idle down, it should generate power. So I started troubleshooting, found a bad D5 diode, and ended up replacing the idle module. Started it up, now it idles down, but still wont generate. I check the generating relays CR3 and CR4 and notice they are not operating, so I end up replacing them. Still no luck, so I trace everything out and realize my relays are not getting a ground @ idle to cause them to function. So then I figure out If I apply a ground to the circuit on terminal strip block A it should start generating. And of course, it did. So I do some more investigating and it looks like the F terminal from the idle module should somehow ground the whole circuit... I find a trouble shooting guide in the service manual and it says @ idle there should be 12v DC between terminals B and F on the idle module and 0v DC between terminals B and F @ RPM. My module measures 12v DC @ RPM and 0v DC @ idle between terminals B and F. So I'm stumped, why is my voltages backwards to what they should be. And it gets even more confusing since the F terminal is some type of field terminal. The module shouldn't be bad considering its brand new. Any miller experts out there have any experience with these 7 pin idle modules and what might be causing my problem? Thanks

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