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Beginner Welding Questions.

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  • Beginner Welding Questions.

    Hi I am new to the site, and new to welding. I start school in less than a month and have been welding for a couple weeks at home. I have been trying to get ahead of the game by getting to know as much as I can about welding before I get into my classes. I just bought a Millermatic 211 auto-set for MIG welding and have a couple questions. 1. How do I know if I am burning too hot or not hot enough on projects I am working on? (too much amps or too little) And I am not sure what to look for if I have good penetration or bad penetration.. 2. How do I know what wire feed speed I use? Is it all preference? Is the chart preferences pretty spot on? I feel like 1 day I will have to make an adjustment that isn't on the chart preference.. Thanks I appreciate all and any feedback I will receive and thank you for taking your time to help me out and answer my questions...