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help need advice and bobcat 250

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  • help need advice and bobcat 250


    Well here is the situation. I have been doing mobile welding ( just started about year ago) all of my jobs I used a mig for however I have one customer that's getting to the point where I could uses a stick. the one reason why I think stick is cause I can do the job faster compare to dragging out the mig welder and the pain it is to weld then move machine then weld again the move machine etc problem is its only one customer at this time that I would uses this machine for.. my local welder supplier will sell me a new bobcat 250 with the Subaru engine in it for 3199 I cant afford trailblazer 375 my mig can weld the metal with no problems just a pain to move around. my mig is a 210 model so its not much smaller in welding power then the bobcat 250...

    if I get the bobcat I would have to haul in my small truck in till I build a trailer for it

    I just don't know what to do!

    so any advice would be great!!!

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    Congrats on even being in this situation, real good sign for you and your business!

    A Bobcat 250 Subaru for $3200 new,,,? Unheard of.. Go get it before he realizes the price check mistake!! Make sure it has a VIN intact

    Hump it for now, or design a nice cart maybe, "stick" (haha) to the other 80 percent of your productive work/income. Majority rules.

    Just a sign of good things to come for you man, good show! Hump that mig with a smile on your face.


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      for that price on a 250 why don't you shop around for a nice thermadyne suitcase to do the mig work. I rarely use stick other than high pressure pipe on lift boats all other road jobs I run my thermadyne suitcase to weld flucore/stainless and stort arc. to me it would be more of a pain to run stick than it would be to tote the suitcase around. if your worried about weight just get 10lbs spools.


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        I use my bobcat 250 as a power source for my miller 211 mvp about 50% of the time. The mig is just faster.