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Need help with a miller 350p

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  • Need help with a miller 350p

    I have a 350p in my shop that is acting up. IF you turn it on sometimes the digital readout comes on and it welds just fine. Then all of a sudden the DRO will turn off but you can still hear the machine as if everything is fine, but it will not weld.

    sometimes you will come into the shop in the morning and flip the welder on and the DRO will not come on and it will not weld.

    Has anyone ever experienced this? Any thoughts on what to check out?

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    Need help with a miller 350p

    Can't remember for sure but something of that nature happened to mine last year. Called my LWS and told me to pull covers and blow out really good with air gun and check all connections, unplug & plug in, ck tightness. He said metal dust can cause these type issues.
    Did as advised, reinstalled covers and has worked flawless since. Reminds me should do again. Hope it helps. Greg


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      Greg is on the right track, blow the unit out very well in particular the front display board area and see if that resolves the issue. If not then we would have to do some trouble shooting to detemine the cause.
      Kevin Schuh
      Service Technician
      Miller Electric Mfg. Co.


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        Thanks guys, I'll blow it out and report back.