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Miller Bobcat 225 NT Starting Issues

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  • Miller Bobcat 225 NT Starting Issues

    Greetings, I use a '99 Miller Bobcat 225Nt with Kohler 20 (low hrs) on our farm and have recently began experiencing starting problems. I just put in a new battery with plenty of cold cranking amps, I believe around 540.

    On attempting to start the machine, one attempt it cranks good and starts fine - no issues. Minutes later upon attempting to start, there is nothing - No crank, no solenoid click - nothing. Still minutes later - it again cranks and starts fine.

    I removed the battery clips from the battery, wire brushed, reconnected and rechecked. I checked for power on the battery post/lug of the starter, all good.

    I was suspicious of the ignition switch shorting out. While experiencing the (NO CRANK) issue I jumped the small post on the solenoid to the battery post/lug and the machine cranks and starts fine.

    I replaced the ignition switch with Miller replacement part, the EXACT same problem remains. Starts fine / Doesn't start or make even a click / Starts fine.

    I then checked wiring connections for all being secure and free of corrosion.

    I'm stumped. Thank you in advance for any ideas or suggestions!

    Best Regards, Bret Dinkins

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    Battery Issue?

    I chased a problem like this in my Chevy pickup for 3 months. Found the problem was an intermittent connection inside the battery--the way I finally found it was a tiny wisp of smoke from the positive battery terminal that I happened to see by accident while having someone crank the starter while I wiggled wires. Truck started fine most of the time--except when it didn't every few weeks. Try another battery. Also, did you check the battery ground connection at the welder?


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      Nope, its a corroded plug on the firewall, just up from the starter., clean it dielectric grease it and shove it back together.


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        Cruizer, thank you sir - I'll give that a shot! It has certainly had me puzzled, I appreciate the information!

        Aeronca41, thanks for the information and suggestion sir - it's appreciated!


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          Looks like that fixed it!!

          Cruiser, I did Just as you suggested!! Looks like that took are of it! My machine has NO intervals of not starting now! Thank you again for your information!!!