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miller tig inverters fail often....??.

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    Originally posted by ja baudin View Post
    Thank you sir!!
    Grainger online will have them also. Grainger is a little high on their shipping but they usually have whatever you need.



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      My Dynasty 300 has been chugging along for the last 8 years without a problem, However some times we only use it a 1/2 hr a week and some times 4-6 hrs a week on average so you cant compare me to a shop that has theirs running 40 hrs a week.

      I would never want to go back to my 250 Synchrowave after having a Dynasty, Not that it was a bad machine but when welding thick to thin or down into corners the dynasty really shines.


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        Originally posted by cruizer View Post
        Wankels were great high rev engines, few apex seal problems. But so quiet and so fast. If you always ran premium and a high grade oil, they would seem to last forever. It was the low grade fuel, which they ran just fine, but tended to carbon up on, and crap oil that ended them.
        compared to what? a boeing 747? rotaries are loud as ****. a very high pitched loud. they sound like weed whackers.

        Also, a little bit of two stroke oil in the gas tank is what keeps the seals nice and clean.