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New guy with questions about Airco machine

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  • New guy with questions about Airco machine

    I have an older airco branded machine. I have come to find out that airco pimped these units out to several different makers. I have been searching the Internet for info on the one I have ( hopefully it is miller made )

    It is an Airco wasp Ac/DC welder generator

    Model# 2.25 /DDG-AMEL-B
    Stock number 1350-0036
    serial # 70-557212

    It has an Onan engine. I would like to find out info about machine so I can service it better and keep it running !

    Any help will be appreciated !
    Thanx in Advance !

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    unsure what the -B is, but likely a AEAD-200LE


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      Thanks Cruzer I emailed Miller the confirmed an Aead! I am proud to own a miller even if it has a different name on the side! Do y all know of any common problems this unit is prone to or things I should do or watch out for ? I have also wondered about converting the Onan to run on propane .....bad idea or not ? I appreciate any and all comments and knowledge about this thing !


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        Welcome to the forum Tim.
        Lincoln A/C 225
        Everlast PA200


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          Thanx MJ maybe I can learn some things from this forum !


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            In ref to propane

            Tim I have a Miller bobcat with a Kohler 20 That came from the factory set up for propane. A guy I know had it and I got a great deal on it. I wasn't thrilled about It Being on propane at first - but came to prefer it. There is no pouring gas into a hot engine and the propane can sit there for years with no degradation whatsoever!

            After researching it I learned that Miller farmed the machines out to US Carb for the conversions to be done. You just have to Plan on a tank to accompany your welder... If it's on a trailer it's not an issue. My welder would likely run about five - six days of Use on one 60 gallon tank of propane. The machine runs good on it and starts easy. I'm told that in the long term, the life of the engine may be a little shorter but would guess this would be into the thousands of hours anyway.

            NoT a bad way to power them - if you happen to ever need to run off of it for a generator - propane supply would really be a benefit!! Good luck on it!!


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              Thanks Brent I am going to do some research on the subject and hopefully convert it within a year. I would have thought a propane conversion would be better for the engine ? I assumed it was a cleaner burning fuel ?


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                Sure Tim! Regarding the Engine life span... The propane fuel does burn cleaner than gasoline. The issue lies however with engine operating temp. If the engine is run too lean, then it causes valves to burn up prematurely. Properly maintained I understand they CAN run as long as a non-propane powered engine. I have my Miller Bobcat and a Yamaha RV generator both on propane and am very pleased with the propane fuel choice. I would recommend US Carb for conversion info and kits as well as support! If you do go the propane route check out Manchester tank for any size tank you could want!!