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  • Dead Diversion 180

    I have a Diversion 180 that I bought new when they first came out, date tag inside says 2011. I use it in the garage for my side business and over the years it has had a workout. A friend told me to try asking a question or two here before I sent it in for repair.
    OK, I have 50 amps going to the garage which has never been a problem before. I have 100 amps total to the house so I always try to weld when nothing else major is on in the house, mainly the dryer. The other night I went out to do some welding and I was not aware that my wife had the dryer on as well and between the lights and heater I literally got 1" of weld when the breaker blew. The 50 amp main in the garage blew and the 50 amp inside the house at the same time. Flipped them on and the lights came on and I went back inside for the night. Well, I went out Monday to weld and the machine will not turn on. The other machines I have power up and weld but not the Diversion. I tried it on 220v and 120v, nothing. When I first tried it I could small that electrical smell and when I took the cover off and tried to power it, I thought I saw a small, faint puff of smoke near what I believe to be the capacitors. I checked the fuse on the back of the machine and pushed it in to reset it and that didn't change anything.

    So here is my question(s). My LWS charges $60 to look at it and tell me whats wrong, which I have no problem paying. Before I take it in is there anything I should check first that might be simple? Is the Diversion relatively cheap and easy to fix?

    I have a 140 amp DC lift arc/valved machine as a backup but most of what I do is A/C so I need to figure this out relatively quick. Any help would be appreciated.

    And, since I am new here a little about myself. I am active on other welding forums, under the same screen name, and have been in the welding/fabrication field for 8 years. I am the Fabrication Manager/Safety Director for a local R&D company and run my business on the side out of the garage. I have lurked here off and on and finally joined up. Hope to be able to add to this community as well.
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    Welcome Jon! Maybe Cruizer can chime in... He knows his stuff!


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      Welcome to the forum.
      Lincoln A/C 225
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        No ideas? I know what it is like to have a new member post up a question for his first post, get his answer and leave, but I assure you, that is not me.

        I will have to take it in for repair by Monday if I can't find anything to try first. I would appreciate any ideas.


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          Could be various things wrong with it. tough to online T-shoot, definately PC1 is toast though.

          What does your "bill of Sale" have for a purchase date?


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            Thanks for your reply! I bought this machine new Sept 3, 2011 so it is out of warranty. I ended up taking it to the LWS to have them look at it because I have customers that need parts welded and I need to know if I will be able to get this machine fixed or start the search for a new machine. I will keep everyone posted on what they find out on the Diversion though.


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              Well, it turns out it is a dead contol board. It will be $705 to fix and would only take a few days. I will plan on getting it fixed in the future. I got a deal I just couldn't pass up on a Everlast 256S and I will give that a shot for a while. I am actually excited to get the Everlast. I have always wanted to try one out compaired to the Millers and Lincolns I already have.

              Thank you to those who contributed to my question!