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Narrow Deep Groove Grinding Equipment

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  • Narrow Deep Groove Grinding Equipment

    Does anyone have any suggestions for grinding equipment to use on a narrow yet deep groove weld? The joint in question is roughly 3/4" wide at it's narrowest point and opens up to about 2.75". The joint is also approx. 6" in depth. We currently use a 12" wheel to grind out our start/ stops made during the SMAW process, but we're worried about the dangers involved with having that size wheel in such a tight area (i.e. the wheel breaking apart, the wheel kicking around in the joint, etc.). I need something that can get into this tight of a space, remove a good bit of material (more than just a carbide burr) and still leave visibility for the welder. Joint design and weld process cannot be changed so I'm just trying to figure out the safest way to continue working on this joint. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!