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    Originally posted by stevedollar View Post
    Is there any good reason someone would not use the valve in the Synchrowave to turn the gas on/off while TIG welding? My machine does not have the gas going thru the valve, it is routed directly to the TIG torch. This is not helpful since one is forced to have the gas flowing all the time while using the welder for TIG. I checked the valve on the bench and it works fine, I checked it in the machine and it appears to be fine. I have not checked the valve operationally as of yet because I don't have another gas line to hook it up. I will get one but, I was just wondering if there was a reason it would be used without the valve?

    The only reason that I can think of to bypass the gas solenoid valve would be that it was defective... if the valve is good.. by all means connect it properly with a hose from the regulator to the back of the welder..

    inert gas hoses are pretty inexpensive ... either online or from your LWS
    it will have 5/8-18 RH Male inert gas fittings on either end like this one...

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      Thanks for that spot on information. I already ordered it. I was planning to go to AirGas tomorrow, I'm sure it would have cost a lot more. I went to Lowes today on the off chance. Well, it was an off chance, they had no idea.

      I did check them against Amazon and Amazon carried it but it did not qualify for my Prime free shipping and Amazon was $1 plus higher and that was amazing.

      Thanks again



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        Argon hose

        I received the hose and installed it and the gas valve works just fine. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why it wasn't being used.