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Which is the best Voltage sensing feeder

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  • Which is the best Voltage sensing feeder

    Lincoln LN-25 which I know nothing about, The Miller Super S-32P or the Suitcase Xtreme 12 VS.

    I have a job at a concrete plant, where we need to go up 65' and then go down inside about 30'.

    I dont want to strain my 14 pin control cables so I'm in the market for a VS feeder.

    I'm going to be running the feeder off either a Trail Blazer or a Pipe Pro 304.

    We will be running a Lincoln 71 Elite wire .045 Dual Sheld flux core wire with 75/25 gas.

    Are all of these feeders the same or are the newer ones better.

    We have always run the S-22 P-12 or the 8 RC feeders off my machines but I have a customer with the Xtreme feeder that we use in their plant and it runs surprisingly well for being voltage sensing off a Bobcat.

    All thoughts are appreciated

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    Miller X-Treme 12vs, or original not pro, Linc LN-25


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      From what I've read the 12vs and 12vs extreme are the same except the extreme has digital gauges which are really no advantage when your 100ft away from your machine and have to go back to adjust. . U might also consider the 8vs it much lighter. To haul .
      Miller Bobcat 225NT onan
      Millermatic 211
      Spoolmate 100
      (Retapped to fit regular mig tips)
      Work better & less parts to stock.
      Miller 130xp
      T/A Dragster 85 (portability 11 pounds)
      Oxygen/Acetylene torch set 50'
      2. 4-1/2" grinders
      1. 9" grinder
      14" Makita chop saw
      1/2" Aircat impact gun 900#


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        Which is the best Voltage sensing feeder

        Cruizer did u mean original Ln-25 not the Pro.
        I just bought a used Ln-25 Pro used it 1st time last Friday. Wasn't impressed but figured I didn't hv it fine tuned yet. Used hard wire 70-6, 75-25gas in .035 on 1/8" all vert. & horz welds.
        Running CV off older Big 40.
        Hard to start bead, wire wanted to stab & pop. Let off & hit trigger couple times quick to get started then ran bead ok not great but wire would stab puddle off & on. Like always in hurry but wasn't impressed with it so far.


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          I'm not impressed with the pro series either, however if you were to remove the plastic cover on the lower drive roll, that seems to help quite a bit as this cover holds any shavings from the wire which in turn shorts out the drive. Removing it seems to help.


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            Which is the best Voltage sensing feeder

            Thank you.


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              Thanks for the Recommendations