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Miller Maxstar 200DX Won't Turn On

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  • Miller Maxstar 200DX Won't Turn On

    Can anyone provide me with a Maxstar 200DX Tech Manual for an LJ400XXX model?

    Miller isn't being much help, and the unit is out of warranty. My father is an electrical engineer and he is looking at the board for me, but the Dynasty 200DX Tech Manual that I have differs in many areas.

    The unit blew a 450v main cap on PC2 and after replacing both main caps and all three items on the two heatsinks on the PC2, it won't display anything on the front membrane switch panel. I can hear a faint hum, but it doesn't seem to be working. I want to properly check the PM1 and other components according to the Miller Maxstar 200DX, and not the Dynasty 200DX from 2010.

    There is no visible heat marks, scorches, and damaged components, and my father has tested all that he can in the Dynasty manual that looks the same, and says everything is all good- but there are some things that he needs more info on.

    I do not wish to send the unit out for repair- I am capable of handling it with my pops, and the cost of throwing complete boards at it from Miller outweighs the value of the unit. If someone could provide one, that'd be a great help.

    I'm sure it's just one small thing that we've not been able to test yet, and I'll be back to welding with this thing.