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    just picked up a OLD beverly shear, 75 bucks no stand but for 75 beans i couldnt pass it up, who has one and what do you do with it and how do you sharpen the blade and ect..................... thanks brian

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    i have a beverly shear and there used mainly for cutting odd shapes on sheet metal. right and left hand cuts, circles and even straight cuts if your steady enough. they're throatless which means they have no scrap or shavings like an electric shear or nibbler would leave. as far as blades go, i'm not sure how to sharpen them. havent had to yet. but i think replacement blades are relatively cheap and can be found just about anywhere you can by the shear itself. just type in beverly shear in your search engine and i'm sure you'll come up with something.


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      i also forgot to mention that there are 3 different sizes of shears. the b1,b2 and b3. all have increasingly bigger capacities. check out you can get blades and more info. there.


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        In my area the is a company that sharpens tool steel, look in the phone book first if nothing is listed then call your local printer they have a guilotine cutter blade that they get sharpened call their sharpener for advice. If it is below standard then find a machinist and see if he can put in a carbide insert. This is a start, if this doesn't get you there, then email me and I'll give you my sharpeners number and you can call him but your local is better for convienience.

        Good luck, weld well


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          yeah i found out that its a b3 the big one.... cleaned it up real nice today. its gotta be over 25 y.o nice and solid. planning on either chemical stripping it or getting it sandblasted and repainting it in the spring. the stand wont be a problem. im thinking about aluminum square tubing and a 1/4 in top bolt it on. oh man i cant wait. BRING ON THE HOT RODS !!!!