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  • wire arcing

    i just got me a 211 and im doing some body work .im a total rookie at mig but have done a fair amount of tig and stick anyway .im running .24 wire and 120v to stitch my but welds anyway the wire keeps burning down at the tension wheel right before it goes into the sleeve thanks for any helpmark

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    Sounds like you spool of wire is shorting to the body of your welder. Look for a piece of wire that touches the metal of the cabinet.


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      Probably don't have the correct drive wheel for 023, think the 211 comes with 030/035. So the wire is slipping, thus birdnesting at the drive. That or the drive is too tight, flatining out the wire, and can't make it through the tip


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        I'm pretty sure it wasn't the 211, but I read a post once where the screw holding the liner near the drive roll was not tight causing this problem. The other cause was as previously stated, about the end of wire on the back side of the roll touching the metal case.
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          thanks it seems to birdnest when it happens i've tried alot of different tensions but ill keep trying that.and ill check that screw also.
          i will enter my results to if its better


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            From the manual, page 30 -

            Click image for larger version

Name:	mm211DriveRoll.jpg
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            Note that wire size is on the OPPOSITE side of the roll from its corresponding groove - IOW, if you can read >024 without taking it off, that's the wire it's set up for... Steve


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              The weld current is supposed to transfer to the wire at the contact tip. If the wire is acring at the drive roll for some reason the weld current is trying to transfer there. There are only a few things that would cause this.

              - Contact tip is loose or the incorrect size.

              - Poor connection where the gun plugs into the drive housing. (pull the gun out and clean the brass pin and the drive housing to ensure good current transfer)

              - The mig gun has separated internally. (replace the mig gun)

              - Stub of wire on the spool dragging on the case the unit.
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                Good simple synopsis, Kevin. Get the current out where it belongs. Thanks.
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                  well heres my findings and kevin you hit it i've now welded a hole floor pan with no problem i found it yesterday the gun plug end was a 1/4 " out to far so i guess it had to far to travel from tension wheel to sleeve so far no problems the end just wasn't seated good
                  more happy now thanks for all your help