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    I now this is a older machine but from day one i cant get this thing to weld, it will lay down some nice short beads then porosity shows up and no matter how i try it just gos from bad to worst. I have tried Lincoln and hobart at work with complete success no matter how bad i try to screw up my welds they come out fine. But now that i am retired i am stuck with this machine. i tell you i like to through this off a bridge it has to to be the worst machine i have ever had i had a old forney that wound weld better but it quit so i look around and bought this miller and a month latter the same machine came with a spool gun and the dealer would do nothing for me to acquire one it shows how honorable he is.

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    And the gas your using is?


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      Make sure the gun is all the way in the drive unit. Sometimes they come loose. See if you can hear gas coming out the nozzle end. Don't run the wire in your ear. Make sure the gas tube is hooked up to the drive unit. Or unhook it and see if gas comes out when the trigger is pushed. I have a MM185 and that welder is great...Bob
      Bob Wright