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  • Millermatic 200 problem help

    Hi all- I have an older white faced millermatic 200, SN JA378970 with an issue. The F1 fuse blows upon flipping the main switch. I have 240 volts to and after the main switch. I've tried isolating the fan and drive motor but still blows fuses. What I have noticed is when I turn the machine on, the drive motor will turn for a little bit before the fuse blows. I only noticed this due to the increasing amount of wire out of the gun. I disconnected the gun completely, thinking it could be an issue there, but the fuse still blows. I've disconnected both side of the SR1 trying to isolate the problem along with isolating the coil but haven't had any luck. While trying to figure this out and going through lots of fuses, I thought I saw a faint little whisper of something come from around the board area. I've searched other related posts and still haven't been able to solve my issue. From what I've already read on this site, I know folks here can help me solve this issue as long as your willing to walk me through the troubleshooting process. Thanks in advance and you help and knowledge is greatly appreciated.

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    Update finally.

    Figured most of the machine out. The R1 resistor and CR1 relay were bad. With new replacement parts in the machine welds again.

    The drive motor does not run as fast as it did, not sure if I have a problem with the pc board or not. Does anyone have the technical manual for testing the 057-314 miller board? If so, I'd greatly appreciate it.


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      Where is the location of the R1 resistor? The relays are marked but not the resistors.


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        Check the capacitor bank to see if some of them are weak.