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Spectrum 375 Plasma problem

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  • Spectrum 375 Plasma problem

    Hey everyone. New member here but not new to Miller equipment.

    My friend has a 375 plasma cutter and has some issues. BIG issues. he was cutting some 18ga sheet metal and heard a pop like metal hitting the ground. He didn't think anything of it and made another cut and heard it again but twice and the machine quit. He smelled some burning and decided to investigate. He has found that the main capacitor on the board has popped as well as a diode and possibly a chip or..... (can't tell as it is all charred).

    What would have caused this and what can be done to fix it? Will I need to source out the parts that are blown and fix it or can it be sent away?

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    Not going to be able to repair it, have to order a replacement board. The cause is anyones guess, basically it "just happens". Best place is