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Brand New Syncrowave 210 NO POWER

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  • Brand New Syncrowave 210 NO POWER

    Hi folks! I am a blacksmith by trade and I do a bit of mig welding occasionally too. I just bought a brand new Syncrowave 210 and it just arrived today.

    I followed the instructions and fired it up and ran my first ever tig beads. EXCITING! I was just playing with some 1/8-inch sheet metal, and filler rod.

    I ran ran the machine with the 230 plug in the same outlet I run my Millermatic 175 on. Total run time was less than five minutes.

    I turned the machine off and now it won't turn back on. Absolutely zero power, no digital readout. Nothing! Completely dead!

    I checked the fuse on the back of the machine and it's good!
    I checked the service breaker and it's fine.
    I plugged the 175 in the same outlet and it runs like normal!

    Serial number on my machine is MF040153L.

    I've been looking through the manual and online posts, but no luck.

    Any suggestions?
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    Pull the cover and take a volt reading where the cable ties in.


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      My machine has risen from the dead!

      My electrical tester is not in the shop right now (at a job-site 30 minutes away,) so I haven't been able to follow your suggestion yet.

      I tried turning the machine on yesterday and it was still dead.

      Called Miller, they gave me a local guy to call, so I called him, he told me to call the company I bought it from (they are in MD & I'm in KY,) so I called them, and they told me to call the local guy. LOL
      I told them the local guy told me to call them, so they found a service center for me to take it to, (closest one is 1.5 hours away,) and of course they would cover all the costs including my travel time. (Friendly customer service!)

      This morning, I flipped the switch and what-do-ya-know, she fired up. I ran a few ugly practice beads, turned it off, waited a few minutes, turned it back on, welded some more, waited 30 minutes, turned it back on and it's still going.

      So I'm stumped, but happy! Tig welding is fun!


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        Likely one of your incomming phases was low. The 210 detects a low line, and will turn off, the MM175 doesn't care much as it has zero detection.