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Trailblazer tig welding question.

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  • Trailblazer tig welding question.

    I am ignorant and trying to find out what is available out there so please forgive my ignorance.
    How do you tig weld with the trailblazer 301G? What equipment do you need? How about mig setup, what is a good way to mig in the field with the trailblazer?
    Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge, it is appreciated.

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    I am just passing through from a job site to the next. I will be happy to go more in depth later this evening. Just let me know what other info you are looking for. The TB will scratch start tig on DC only. All you need is an air cooled 200 amp torch with gas valve and a brass tig connector block.

    It will do AC or DC tig with high frequency starts and keep the arc stabilized with the HF-251-D HF starter and stabilizer accessory. I prefer the 2 wire tig torch with use on the HF-251-D as oppossed to a single conductor torch wire made into the gas hose. With the HF start box you do not need a torch with a gas valve because the HF 251-D has a gas contactor valve built in.

    I prefer the 12RC suitcase feeder with voltage and wire speed control at the feeder. This provides a true CV output for mig as oppossed to the VS or voltage sensing feeder that operates from arc current. The 8 or 12 RC feeder (difference is the wire spool size it will hold 8" or 12"). You can add your choice of mig torch and extension cable to the RC series. It lets you set your voltage at your work piece with the feeder rather than walking back to the machine and changing your settings. This is a big time saver.

    If you would like specific parts #s I'll be glad to give them to you. I am currently pushing the time clock to get to my next job.
    I'll talk with you later this evening.

    The Trailblazer 301G is an awesome machine and it rates right up there with the Dynasty 200DX. They are both "King Of the Hill" in their class of machine!!!


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      Thanks for the question.

      For TIG, The most popular accessories are the HF251D-1 (042388), remote foot or hand control (194744,151086), This gives you the ability to do DC or AC. All you would need is the TIG torch of your liking. Most distributors carry a variety of models. A 250 or 350Amp aircooled torch should be fine.

      MIG accys include the 12RC(194940) as HAWK stated or even a spoolgun setup (130831 & 137549 control box)
      I prefer the 12RC because you may choose to use a gasless wire in the field and the 12RC holds a 12inch spool. I have the 8RC which holds the 8 inch spool and sometimes wish for the bigger. If you are not in need of the larger unit, the 8RC is a little less money.

      Good luck and thanks for the post!