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    OK heres the deal i have always used engine driven welders,now i work for a company and their safety and equipment audit is coming up and i was told that our welder(SYNCROWAVE 351) needed to be calibrated i have never heard of this can someone give me an idea where to start?

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      We just used a calibrated amp clamp to measure output amps and compared it to the machine settings.


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        Sorta, kinda, really the machine requires to be loaded via a load bank like a Miller 750/Lincoln 750 load bank to test the machine to data plate specifications.

        Then its meter/s tested to a calibrated volt/amp meter. Only then can it be certified, providing the meters are within 5% of the calibrated meters used.

        A screwed up machine will NEVER put out to data plate specs, but may be within meter to meter readings.

        I've calibrated literally thousands of machines