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456 Phoenix from Rail Road Salvage

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  • 456 Phoenix from Rail Road Salvage

    Recently acquired 2 456 Phoenix welders from the RR maintenance shops dumpster.
    Both units have the 3 Phase Rectifier Bridge Exploded! Also the cables that connect to the board at various locations have been Hot . What would cause this ?
    Is there any sense in trying to fix one from the parts and buying what ever else I need? Thanks

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    Probably a simple fix, these things tend to run on poorly tuned generators , which smoke the things they run.


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      Welcome to the forum.
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        Thanks for the Welcome! Cruizer , I'm not so sure they weren't sabotaged to get new units.
        The RR has a history of this. I know the bridge rectifiers are smoked ( all the magic smoke is now on the back of the board and on the frame! ) is there any service literature available for these welders? Thanks Again
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