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Dynasty 300 dx no arc in any tig function

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  • Dynasty 300 dx no arc in any tig function

    First time trying to tig with this machine. Unable to start an arc in any tig funtion or get an amp reading above single digits while trying to establish an arc.
    Machine year 2005.
    HF to work piece is present, points cleaned and adjusted.
    No codes displayed.
    Pedal is working properly as it will control the amp value in stick mode.
    Air cooled torch is brand new.
    Machine works fine in stick mode.
    I can access and change parameters, but performing a factory reset will not clear meters.
    IGBT1 looks like its been messed with as its 4 terminals are flush with the board.

    Looking for some help?
    If IGBT1 was bad would the machine still work in stick mode?

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    Not 100% sure what you are talking about, ie, 4 terminals flush with the board for instance, do you mean the driver plug for the igbts? You woun't get much action from anything if this was unplugged. Do you have a remote as your not going to get any HF without one.


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        IGBT 1 is a CM400DY-12H which has been replaced and resoldered to the driver board. The IGBTs 3 terminal posts are in the center of the IGBT, so they drilled new holes in the buss bars to accommodate.

        IGBT 2 is a CM400DU-12f stock untouched.

        Remote gets HF arc to work piece. No amperage output.
        Remote will change amp value in stick mode.
        Lift arc will get frequency arc to work piece. No amperage output.
        Stick mode works fine.


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          some pics would be handy