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  • sheet metal welding

    I picked up the mm 210 mainly for 1/4 inch welding, I have the mm 135 as well, my question is should i hold on to the mm 135 for sheet metal I really like the unlimited voltage control for sheet metal, I can really dial it in, with the mm 210 being tapped voltage does it still dial in pretty good, what is the reason they tap the voltage on the mm 210?

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    hey outkast

    if both machines are paid for i would keep the 135, it is a really great machine. 3/16 no prob and i like the fact of the voltage set up.
    the greatest thing about the 135 is that you can use it anywhere there is 110v and its light weight,

    i would say if it was a off brand or an out of date machine i would sell it, but as soon as you sell it you will end up regreting it. its murphy law, well good luck with your new toy, brian


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      If it's paid for keep the 135! I have just about any type machine aviable to me at work and we have a similar machine only it's red and I still use it quite often especially on light guage materials. I have my bigger MIG unit set up for .035 - .040 wire and I run the .023 wire in the little guy. I can get my bigger unit turned down but the problem is the liner and drive rolls won't allow me to run anything smaller than the .035 wire. Believe me the .012 difference doesn't sound like much till you start welding. If you're going to be doing a lot of work on 26 - 20 guage work you'll definitely appreciate the 135's ability to keep the heat down and run the smaller wire without having to change liners and drive wheels. I don't know what the 210 is set up for but if it were me and my shop I'd set the 210 up for heavier wire and leave the 135 set up for .023 and use which ever machine was appropriate for the job.

      And think of it from Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor's viewpoint. A guy can never have too many toys, arrrrrrh. <haha>

      Well I hope this gives you something to ponder while making your decision. It's just my opinion.

      Good luck

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        Yeah thats kinda what i was thinkin, they are both paid for so thats no big deal, it is kinda nice having the 135 set up with .023 and the 210 with .035, somebody really wanted the 135 but i know if i sold it i would miss it, plus i have only had it for 6 months so its got alot of life


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          I was in the same place a year ago and decided to sell the weldpak100 to the racing team I work on and they love it and I still get to use it when I want. This is a win win for all so if the money isn't the issue and space isn't a problem hold on to it. I have welded 20 ga with the mm210 and it did fine backstepping as I went if it gets thinner it will take more practice to do it properly at least for me but I have confidence with the smaller drive roller kit I could do it fairly easy. weld well