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  • Propane torch

    Hello folks I need help again I have been using a propane torch for some time like 40 yrs and have used a Rose bud here and there using the same regulators as acetylene the question is are there any regulators specifically for propane? I never had any problem using same gauges but the question came up help please

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    Here is a statement directly from Smith:
    (I use propane instead of acetylene too - with the acetylene regulator)

    Can I use an acetylene regulator on an LP tank or an LP regulator on an acetylene tank?

    Answer: You can use an acetylene regulator on an LP/alternate fuel gas tank, but never use a regulator designed for LP/alternate fuel gases with acetylene.
    LP/alternate fuel gas regulators are typically capable of producing outlet pressures as high as 50-60 psi, whereas an acetylene regulator is designed to operate at pressures slightly higher than 15 psi. Because acetylene becomes very unstable at pressures over 15 psi, using an LP/alternate fuel gas regulator would enable to the operator to increase the pressure to a point where it is unsafe as acetylene is unstable when released from the cylinder at pressures greater than 15 psi.
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      Propane torch

      Thanks very much appreciated