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Problem with Oxygen Regulator on Oxygen/Acetylene Rig

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  • Problem with Oxygen Regulator on Oxygen/Acetylene Rig


    I have aproblem with the oxygen regulator on my oxy/acet rig. It is a two stageregulator, and the problem is shown on the second stage dial. When set to theproper pressure and the torch valve is opened, a loud clicking noise comes fromthe regulator and the second stage dial jumps from the set pressure to almostzero and then back again, and it will keep cycling like this. This also causesthe torch output to pulse up and down and will continue for a few seconds untilthe flame cuts out. The temperature inthe shop was about 45 – 50*F, but this also happened last time I tried the rigback in the summer when the temp was about 80 – 90*F. I stopped using it immediately and then forgotthat I had a problem until I just tried using it again. I don’t feel this issafe, so I stopped after three attempts where I had tapped on the regulatorgently with a rubber mallet hoping to free maybe something sticking inside. Bothregulators have been on the tanks for several years and were operating properlyuntil these last two incidents. What could be causing this and is it somethingI could fix or does it need professional help or replacement?
    Thank you,


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    I would disassemble it and look for the culprit. Every now and again my mig regulator's diaphragm seems to stick and it doesn't operate right. I just disassemble, then reassemble and I'm off and running again.


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      I would guess that you need to at least take it it apart and reassemble as was already mentioned. You might need a rebuild kit which has seals and a diaphragm in it.

      Do you leave the set screw screwed in when not in use or do you back it out so that there is no pressure on the diaphragm?
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        I always back out the handle when done.

        I've read that a non-professional should not try to work on oxygen regulators due to the explosive nature of oxygen and contaminants. Is this overly cautious or just a plug for business? I fully understand no petroleum products are to be used, and the need for absolute cleanliness. Any watch-outs or tips?
        Thanks again.