Hi all! I am new to this and have been reading all the helpful advise you all had to offer for a while now.

So I just bought a second Trailblazer 302 G w/ Kohler (Manual says its a July 2005 model) that did not start for $650. I spent some with it and got it to run however this is when I noticed that the LED display from the PC2 (Part # 221756) didn't turn on. So with the help of this thread I went straight to the PC1 (Part # 213257) and found their was a blown capacitor and a few burned spots and I also seen that the brushes were unplugged??? . Now since I own another Trailblazer almost identical I swapped the PC1 boards out, plugged the brushes and the LED Display turned on displaying the hours (3484 WOW). I decided to risk welding with it and was able to lay down a bead. Now the problem I am having now is generator. At low Idle I see that on the 120 V side the 5-6 volts output and at high idle the volts goes up to 12 volts but is at a strange 8-12 hz??? I have been looking around and have not found any answers to this issue. I wanted to ask you guys what I should be looking for as there culprit to this issue now? Would it be the brushes going out? Wiring?

I greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide me with!