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MAXTRON 450 / 22A with voltage control

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  • MAXTRON 450 / 22A with voltage control

    I have a Maxtron 450 CC/CV, originaly it was hooked up with a 60M Feeder, we bought a new 22A feeder with voltage control option and the new feeder doesn't have voltage control working when hooked up to the Maxtron, wire speed and gaz works, but not the voltage control.
    - All switches on the Maxtron are setup for MIG (and it does work with the 60M feeder)
    - the 60M feeder is hooked up to the Maxtron with it's 14 pin through a Y cable that attaches to the Maxtron on it's 14 pin and 17 pin outlets.
    - I tried hooking up the 22A straight on the 14 pin, and with the Y cable and both ways don't work.
    - I tried the 22A on a newer source with only the 14pin outlet, and the feeder works good, so it's not a new feeder problem.
    - On the Maxtron, I can setup the Amperage for stick welding no problems, but there is no way to see or control the Voltage on the source (Maxtron)itself, the ONLY way to control the voltage is with the 60M feeder. And YES I have put the switches in the right place, panel to try it out.
    I am just wondering why that the Maxtron 60M setup work, but it doesn't work as soon as you put a new 22A feeder at the place of the 60M.

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    Everything for the 22A is available on the machine 14 pin ONLY. NO Y cable required. Just switch from local control to remote.


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      I tried plugging the 22A straight in the 14 pin on the Maxtron, and the voltage control on the feeder didn't work, I tried putting the Maxtron in panel instead of remote, and even then it doesn't work, I can't regulate the voltage from the Maxtron at all, the voltage display only shows 0,01 0,02 and it can't be controlled in remote, or in panel. the only way I can control Voltage at all, is with the old 60M feeder and from the feeder. no voltage can be controlled from the Maxtron at all.


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        so lets have a looksee.

        Your switches are in the Gmaw position
        remote 14 position
        arc force in panel
        output to remote

        Now the control wires jumper to the 17 pin, so no reason why the 22 a won't work, unless the wiring inside of it isn't correct or someone was playing on the inside of the maxtron.


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          what do you mean by control wire jumper on 17 pin? all my switches are in the right position, and when I try connecting the 22A to the Maxtron, instead of the 60M, the only thing I do is disconnect the Y cable from the Maxtron, and plug the 22A straight in to the 14 Pin connector on the Maxtron.
          the only voltage I can see and control on the 22A goes from 60V to 74V, which isn't right at all.


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            There is a switch on your front panel for 14 or 17 pin receceptacle


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7772.JPG
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ID:	516941Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_7773.JPG
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ID:	516942I only have 4 switches

              - top one is set to MIG (right most position)
              - second one in center position for 14 Pin ( other positions are panel or 17)
              - third one is at 17/14 which is called output contactor, when in 17/14 position, voltage and amp display shows 00.1, and when in ON position, my display shows from 60 to 75 Volts, and 000 AMPS
              - last one is set on panel which is called Arc force/ inductance and cc/cv, the other setting for that one is 17.

              but like I said before,....everything works fine with a 60M, I don't understand why a 22A wouldn't work on the same settings as the 60M except not using the Y cable and plugging it straight in to the 14 pin. I tried the 22A on another source that only has a 14 pin outlet, and it works,...but can't get it to work with the Maxtron
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                This is a problem with a board in the Maxtron, as the 60M is setting CV/CC on the 17 pin electronically.