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Miller Spoolmate 100 problems

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  • Miller Spoolmate 100 problems

    Anyone have problems getting the Miller Spoolmate to spray arc. I have the Millermatic 211 Autoset and it seems to only want to short circuit transfer especially on thinner metal. When I try to fine tune the adjustment I either get burn back or too much wire feed. There really is no happy medium.

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    I assume yer welding aloominum?

    how thin?

    16g is really the limit for Mig welding aluminum.
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      Miller Spoolmate 100 problems

      Yes 14 gauge aluminum. I called miller and they are sending me a new spool gun because the guy I talked to couldn't figure out why it was acting that way. He said it may be a programming problem with the gun.
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        That machine is not even capable of producing enough output to get into spray, is it?

        What gas are you running? Why are you spraying 14g also? Seems pointless when short arc would be the best method anyways.


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          Originally posted by michaelwilson777 View Post
          I either get burn back.
          Ahh the famous spool mate burn back...Bob
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            Miller Spoolmate 100 problems

            I'm running straight argon. I usually Tig aluminum but bought the mig welder and spool gun til I get enough money for a Tig machine. I was always taught to spray arc aluminum and yes this machine is capable of it. It wont even run properly on 1/8" and thicker. It gives me a very cold start and the weld comes out like crap. I use plenty of tacks as well so the metal is plenty warm to start my weld. I will see how the new gun runs when I get it on Thursday. It's definitely not like running the pulse mig machine I have at work haha.