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Attaching coolant unit to an XMT 300 CC-TIG

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  • Attaching coolant unit to an XMT 300 CC-TIG

    Howdy, total nooby in your forum.

    Shop has an XMT 300 CC/TIG. Recently burned up a stinger, because user was assuming (I know) the coolant unit was automatic.

    I want to make it automatic: 480 3ph line feed (parallel tap at cord) through 2 fuses then contactor to 480->120 transformer to coolant unit (~4.5A coolant unit run ...thinking 500VA xfmr).
    Want to simply have welder power switch enable contactor to start coolant when welder is turned on.

    Where is best / safest place to tap for contactor coil power? I'm thinking far side of F1, but figured it best to ask those who know So much better...
    No contactor specified yet, awaiting advice on coil voltage & tap point before continuing.

    Thanks in advance, K.Sargent - contract engineer to Metal Mechanics, Inc
    Being a contract player, I can only look every day or so for responses. TNX

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    ONLY safe place would be to twin the 14 pin amphenol, with a 120 vac plug to I & G,"I" being hot, and "G" being common, "K" is frame ground


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      Just what I was looking for

      I'll attach as advised.
      I'll only be powering the contactor from it, so should be fine.
      Thanks, this is a great resource... K.Sargent