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Tugsten glows orange after completing weld

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  • Tugsten glows orange after completing weld

    Using new Diversion 180 TIG, 230v, argon gas (10 cfh). Torch came with 3/32 Ceriated gray band tungsten, sharp point with very small flat end, #7 cup. Practicing on 1/8 steel using 120 amps. I get a good start, weld puddles but at the end of the weld while backing off the pedal while holding my tip above puddle for post gas flow, even using small circular motion the tungsten turns bright orange when pedal is released. I tried 75 amps, aluminum at 120 and 75 amps, same thing happens. Is this normal that the tungsten will turn bright orange? Thanks

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    Tungsten will always glow orange. If it glowing for a while after your post flow could maybe be longer. Also 10cfh seems low for a #7 cup. I'd do around 15cfh. I'm sure someone else with more experience will chime in and let you know.