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  • millermatic 141 or 190

    Hi all I'm new here and am looking for advice on a new mog welder. I'm using this welder for mostly auto resto, sheet metal exhaust roll cages pretty much anything car related. I mat have to do thicker stuff but nothing more than 1/4 inch which would be rare. I have both outlets in my garage for both machines. I'm only really looking at miller because of the local airgas so I have everything readily available. So which one would fit me best. Thanks all.

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    For what you want to do the 140 would prob be just fine, but you never know what you may get into in the future? If you ever start building chassis or welding 3/16+ regularly, you are going to wish you had the 190.


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      If you have the power then get the 190. Bigger is almost never a bad thing. The 140 won't cut it on 1/4" stuff
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        Maybe consider the 211, a few bucks more but it is 115/230 volt and more amps.


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          If you are serious about doing roll cages with the welder I would be looking at the 190 or 211 at the minimum, with a 252 as the next step after that.


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            The 190 or better is really 2x the welder a 140. Far superior so much more power.


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              Originally posted by BD1 View Post
              Maybe consider the 211, a few bucks more but it is 115/230 volt and more amps.
              If Miller's V/A curve on the 190 is accurate, the 190 may offer just as much or even slightly more top end power than the 211.