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Miller 330 A/BP Tripping Control Overload Switch

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  • Miller 330 A/BP Tripping Control Overload Switch

    Hello, I recently purchased a 330 and after about a month of infrequent use, it started tripping the Control Overload instantly when the machine is turned on while in Remote. I've tried starting the machine with various settings and the problem occurs regardless, even with the pedal unplugged. It does not trip when in Standard mode. I've spoken with a welder repair tech via messaging and he suggested it was a problem with the Diode Bridge??? I have no idea what that is or where to look. Looking for any further help on this. I am by no means an electrical technician, so layman's terms are very much appreciated I'm also interested in understanding how this issue might have started, if it is something that can be prevented in the future. Any input is highly appreciated.Machine in question: Miller 330 A/BP Serial: JB492213-Jared

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    If you can , say, weld with stick in standard (local) mode then its not the bridge, if not then yes, you have a failed diode in the rectifier.


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      Yes, it welds in Standard mode. I'm using this machine strictly for TIG on small short runs, so I really need the remote amperage control.