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trailblazer 275 engine stumbling

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  • trailblazer 275 engine stumbling

    I was working today, had dynasty 200 plugged in and I was running a grinder when the idle kicked up real high then dropped to a barley running idle and stayed there. It was raining outside also. not much a light steady sprinkle. was in such sprinkle working for around two hours.
    the machine has 25 hours on it. brand new. I had to leave the job. got it home. put in garage, opened all doors and letting fans blow in to dry any moister.

    tried to start again. starts fine but barley runs with a very low idle. im continuing to fan it out and see.
    serial #me191073R ive read that there might be issues with earlier machines.

    it is 50 degrees outside and light rain when this happened. no codes that I can see.

    any help would be great. im out of work till this is fixed. and im still under warranty of course, but still sucks

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    after drying it out, still very low idle. no work or gen power. runs like ****.
    engine barley runs at all. and when running the display says oil life and hours.
    normally shows amps.

    going to try to take it in, in the morning, any thoughts?

    thanks again


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      open up the gas cap, likely vent solinoid is stuck or sticking. A few times I've found that the vent hose is squshed when the tank was put together at the factory.


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        thanks, and I did do that. worried mabey vapor lock or something.
        I took the machine into western tool. they are a authorized service company for miller.
        I took it in yesterday morning. told them the story ect. they said they were going to get to it that morning. I haven't herd anything back yet (next morning) so im assuming it wasn't something stupid simple I may have overlooked.

        I didn't want to look to hard because of it being under warranty