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  • mm210

    ok so i have been reading the forum for awhile, and have made my decision on the welder i want, the mm210, ok so I am going to pick up my new welder in the morning my question is what is the dimensions of the machine in the box, do i take the wifes suburu wagon or do i borrow a ford explorer or do i need a truck, I am thinking it wont fit in the wagon very well, so how about the explorer

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    mine came shipped to me but I would say it will fit in the Explorer no problem.
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      Take the Explorer.

      With the skid and box, it becomes a bit big. You may want to uncrate it at the distributors location.



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        the dimensions for unpacked machine are as follows:

        H: 32 in (813 mm)
        W: 19 in (483 mm)
        D: 39 in (991 mm)
        Weight 200 lb

        would add at least a couple of inches in each direction for packing..... brought my mm200 home in my wife's dodge caravan.. which has a pretty high ceiling.... would guess pickup as the easiest way to move it.. take some measurements and find out...
        hope this helps
        my old mm200 has been great...
        and congrats on the new tool

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          thanks guys, i hope i can get my electrician buddy to come over tomorrow to hook up the 220 in the garage, so i can try it out, if not i will just stare at it for awhile, lookin forward to steppin up from my mm135 i must say i love my 135 and will still use it from time to time