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Hoping to preserve an old Idealarc TIG-250/250

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  • Hoping to preserve an old Idealarc TIG-250/250

    Code #8809, Ser. #781769

    I like this old croc well enough, and would like to keep it going, but just saw a thread in which Cruizer says that there is very little parts support for it anymore. Cruizer, is there any particular preventive maintenance you'd recommend, and any parts (capacitors, etc.) that I should start searching for now, even replacing before they fail? I know enough to blow out the dust, loosen and re-set some of the electrical connections, and adjust the gap (though I'd like YOUR recommendation on that). I do use an argon/helium mix for aluminum.
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    Tough to say, just make sure everything is tight inside, maybe get a couple cans of Gyptol, (insulation spray) and soak it into the transformer windings.


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      Will do. Thanks.