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hf 251-1d vs hf 251-2

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  • hf 251-1d vs hf 251-2

    Now that I have my Miller AEAD 200 LE running as it should, I am considering the hf251 unit that would pair with it. I see a few of the hf251-1d units available, is this unit compatible with my welder? I would imagine I would require the 230 volt unit instead of the 115v. Not sure which would work appropriately. Which unit do I need to get? Please help.

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    Well you'd have to plug the HF unit into a wall socket, so the 115Vac unit will be best. The weld power plug runs in at 100HZ, so you'd smoke the hf unit if you were to plug it into that. and probably not the best to use a hf box anyways as the wall socket will be out of phase with your AC weld power. Unsure if it'll work, as was never designed for tig. Would not be critical tig for sure.
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