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XMT Went Bang(really loud too)

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  • XMT Went Bang(really loud too)

    Hey guys

    One of my XMT 304's went bang yesterday. I pulled the cover off and on the right hand side found R11(resistor?) blown like a fuse.

    Ser# LC076638 Mod# 903522

    I have a spare unit so I have time to sort it myself if poss.

    It took out the fuse at the mains board so I didnt get a help code, will check tomorrow and post it.

    Any input put would be greatly appreciated.


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    You lost a igbt, cause the board got overly loose, no biggy, you will have to replace both igbts, that resistor, and the protection diode to the left of that blown igbt. otherwise that board is rather expensive. Also check the 2 20K ohm drain resistors off the 2 Capacitors.

    once a year its best to check the tightness of that output board, as they tend to heat loosen, an no you can't use locktite


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      Thanks Cruizer.

      Incidentally the the help code is 7.

      I'll be putting it aside until later in the month.