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Need opinions on old welds on 1957 travel trailer frame part 1

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  • Need opinions on old welds on 1957 travel trailer frame part 1


    I had to create 3 threads for this because the max size is 4 pages.

    Part 2

    Part 3

    This is part 1

    I hope I can get some help here. I am in the process of restoring a 1957 Westerner trailer. I am not a welder. I am looking for suggestions on how to proceed as well as possibly a referral to someone in my area - Woodland Hills, CA 91367 to do any work. Pictures are below.

    At some point, the trailer seems to have gone down or was dropped and the result appears to be an upswept tongue. Below is a profile of the trailer and you can see a slight upsweep in the tongue. The underside tip of the coupler is 3.25" higher than where the tongue is welded to the frame. Someone had done a welding repair on the frame at some point. Images and links to videos are below.

    I am looking for suggestions on whether or not the initial repair is sufficient and/or recommendations for making the trailer tongue or frame stronger if necessary. I cannot take the trailer down to the frame completely . I don't think I would be able to get it back together and then get it all to fit with my limited experience. So, any additional welding has to be done with the walls on. I can probably, remove some of the front flooring about two feet back from the front crossmember to get access to the front of the frame for welding.

    Additionally, the trailer cannot be towed long distances because I have already ripped out the rear of the trailer. this impacts the overall strength of the trailer. I suppose it could be put on a flatbed tow truck, but I would like to avoid that. I can tow it up to 10 or so miles at a slow speed @25 mph.

    Image showing upswept tongue.

    Close up

    View straight on

    A repair was made underneath using some rebar and large thick steel plates just behind the rear of the front crossmember. The steel plates are welded from the C channel to the underside of the front crossmember. I have no idea when this was done. The images below only show one side. The repair was done to the other side. Will those welds hold? The steel for the steel plates is thicker than the original C channel steel. Is this an issue when welding?

    The rest of this thread is posted in part 2 of this thread


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