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Legend AEAD 200 LE - output issue: idle lock issue?

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  • Legend AEAD 200 LE - output issue: idle lock issue?

    Set up my "new to me" Miller Legend AEAD 200 LE the other day and went to run it through its paces. To sum up the outcome, it is not working as it should. Need some help troubleshooting it so here we go:

    The welder starts and runs as it should, runs smooth and without issue. Conclusion: No mechanical issues.

    Went to test DC welding and things went south quick. I have little or no output with the welder in welding mode (idle lock off). It strikes, throttle responds, but no arc. Suspecting not enough amperage to start/maintain the arc. This happens in all positions on both controls. In switching the idle lock on, I was able to maintain an arc and manipulate the fine control for the electrode. It seemed to work best in the max setting, not so much elsewhere.

    Any ideas? Thoughts on what it could be? Solonoid? Brushes? Some other issue?

    This is the first issue, next steps I am going to take will be to check the AC weld output and auxiliary outlets. Any other suggestions on things I should look at or into?

    Also the serial ID plate is missing from the front of the machine, any idea on where else I could find the model or serial number so I can get the right documents for it?

    As I mentioned this unit is new to me, and my first engine driven unit. I have work for the machine, so I need to get it operational ASAP. The good news is if the the auxiliary 220 works I have an old Lincoln welder I can use to get the work done, bad news 20% duty cycle on that. At least I can get the work done that way. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.
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    have to love Miller

    On the update:
    This is how you know you have invested your money in a top notch product.

    Being as there weren't many replies to this thread I took some initiative and called Miller technical support and reached a gentleman by the name of Curtis. I explained the issues I was having and he walked me through a few basic tests and helped me identify the problem in 5 simple tests with a digital multi meter. We discovered that the 100 hz outlet was not operating properly and was showing low voltage in all modes. He advised me to remove the covers and call back.

    I did so later in the day and spoke with a different gentleman, who's name I do not recall.he spent 20 minutes with me doing multiple tests walking me through every step of the process. We traced the problem to a bad diode which he provided the part number for. It is on order and they are confident this will fix the issue I was having.

    We found the 100hz outlet was only at about 35 volts and the battery on the unit was charging at 16 volts.

    So long story short I couldn't be happier with owning a Miller product. To have experts available who are so diligent in assisting customers and working through problems they way both these gentlemen did. In a few phone calls they have made me a permanent Miller customer. What a great experience and I urge anyone else having issues to take the time an make the phone call to tech support,it is worth the time.