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Passport Plus gas valve problem

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  • Passport Plus gas valve problem

    I am using a external gas supply with my Passport Plus. When the trigger is pulled the gas comes on but after a few seconds it goes off. I had noticed that the weld starts getting bad at the end of a weld and that the internal gas seems to last forever. I don't want to spend $700 for a new control board when I could replace a couple of parts and fix it. I am thinking it is likely a leaky capacitor in the driver circuit for the gas valve. Has anyone seen and fixed this problem without just replacing the control board?

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    I found the answer to my question in a note in the user's guide. I should have read it more carefully.


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      Glad you found your answer. As for the internal gas supply lasting a while, on my Passport I picked off the sticker on the internal regulator. Then you can use a flat screwdriver to turn up the gas flow. The bottle goes empty quicker, but I found the gas coverage to be much better. I just use mine for short repairs, sometimes outside.