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  • Tig welding question

    Sometimes when I'm welding the arc will get super bright. I don't know what is causing it of if I'm doing something wrong? Is the tungsten getting contaminated?

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    what are you welding, how much is the tungston sticking out, how far away are you holding the torch and does it change color when this happens ?


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      I'm welding mild steel, the tugsten sticks out about an 1/8 inch. The torch is pretty close about another 1/8 inch from the work. does what chang color? the tungsten or the arc? The tungsten doesn't change color, and the arc doesn't seem to change color It just gets super bright.


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        anytime i have contaminated my tuggston it will kid of light up a dffrent color, save if im runnig a green welding shade the arc will turn blue, and i will loose that nice sharp point on the tungston too, it will get to be like a snot on the tip and it will be discolored, the man to ask would be hawk, he is HERE TO HELP


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          This may be off base but could it be your helmet if you are using an electronic hood? Sometimes with some helmets if you obstruct the arc enough, the sensors in the hood won't detect the arc and it will brighten up. Otherwise I agree with arcdog. A contaminated tungsten will flare a different color but shouldn't be painfully bright.



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            very good observation

            andy i WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT, but i have had that happen more times then i care to admit. i was building hoods and had gotten a solar helmet which was great but if i had gone around a corner or one of the sensors got blocked WHAM big time flash, i guess that thats one of hte major drawbacks of those helmets,



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              Miller has a new electronic helmet called the "Big Window Elite"
              It has 4! independant sensors and is killer on low end TIG. Had a chance to use them at the Performance Race Show in Indy this year and really out does any of my other hoods.

              Good luck



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                Can you run the mangaview lenses behind the filter plate, I still prefer a 2x4 lens with a 2.50 magnaview on the inside. I should wear bifocals but can't use a hammer with them without breaking fingers and thumbs so I ditched the bifocals and use a magnaview on the inside of my helmet. I know you can get a holder for some of the 4x5 helmets but it leaves the magnaview unprotected.

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                  I have had similar experiences with mig under a race car getting my hands close to my hood. Then I read the book and found it had a pulse setting and sensativity for the return from pulse. I turn it all the way when I am working in tight quarters so I dont get flashed. Speedglas 9000x fantastic, Miller XLix very nice, Jackson journeyman not so good, but each has its place.


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                    I know your job is not to advertise for competitive brands. I thoroughly enjoy all my Miller equipment. I still believe, and will have to be shown otherwise, that the Optrel Satellite is the best E-hood available for low light tig or any welding situation. I have been using mine for about 5 months and have yet to be flashed under any lighting conditons. As a mobile welder I see all kinds of wierd lighting: backlighting, rising sun, setting sun, near dark, welding in pitch black except for a flashlight, sun overhead, reflections off the water, arcs from other operators, etc. I have not been flashed with this helmet. I have a Kemper E-hood and seem to get flashed frequently unless indoors with just the optimal lighting overhead. I had a Jackson EQC that I finally gave away because of the grief it unknowingly gave me. Well there'e where our differences stop.

                    I agree the problem may well lie with the hood. I have experienced it many times with other brands as mentioned above. Do you have a complete spec sheet on this new Miller hood? Also have you had any experience with the Optrel Satellite on a regular basis?


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                      Well guys, we all have jumped the e hood bandwagon. BRANDON, WHAT WELDING HELMET ARE YOU USING? ELECTRONIC OR PLAIN JANE?


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                        I have ordered the Optrelle Satellite. Should be here tommorrow. My Jackson EQC would flash me when tigging no matter how I played with the settings. Even to the point where the helmet was dark BEFORE striking an arc the go bright after 3/4 of bead. And no, I was not blocking the sensors.

                        I read or heard that the inverter arc is "flatter" causing the older e-hoods to to become "confused". It was long and hard decision as to which hood to buy. If they would only put together one with adustablility(Optrelle)super low amp(Speedglas) big view(Jackson next gen,Miller Elite) and head gear(Optrelle)that would be one heck of a hood. I'd hate to think of the price though



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                          Wow! That would be quite a helmet. Hmmm.......I wonder if it would put itself away too? Very Informative post. Thanks for the info on the different brands. I was just starting to shop for an electronic model.


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                            I wish I could send you one of the new MILLER helmets to try. I have the same Optrel hood you have and like it just fine. I have NO problem with competitive equipment and I use what works best and actually until about 4-5 years ago used a competitors plasma. I am like all of independant owner who also works for MILLER.
                            I have used my Optrel religously until the new Elite came out and I find it's new technology great. When I weld around light ga header tubes with the inverter, my hood stays dark where sometimes (not always) my other hoods with the inverter would flash when I got around the side of the tube or in the middle of two tubes.

                            Why don't you e-mail me with your address and I'll send you one to give your opinion. You are a valued resource here and many people have come to rely on you for your knowledge. The helmet is yours to keep as a thank you from all of us. Plus I would really like your true opinion as you seem to have a similar shop format as myself.

                            Thanks again.



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                              Thank You Very Much! I will be glad to give you my honest opinion. I hope to say it is a better helmet. As for plasmas I used to be really high on Hypertherm until I could not get the Powermax 600 to work on my TB301G. Now I own (1) plasma: The Miller Spectrum 2050 and can cut beyond the rated limits speced for the 2050 running from the TB! I have lost your email address and unable to contact you through the forum mail. Send me an email to [email protected] I will reply with my shipping address. If this mail address does not work, please email me through the forum. It is not blocked.

                              Thanks again in advance for the helmet and the thumbs up on the forum responses.