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MIG Gun will not work - Miller Multimatic 200

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  • MIG Gun will not work - Miller Multimatic 200

    Purchased this machine in August of 2014 - recently I switched the machine from stick to mig and the mig gun was not winding the spool. The unit had power - the stick process worked - all connections on MIG gun were double checked and the MIG gun still did not activate the spool gun. No errors were on the screen. This morning I used a voltage meter and checked the reading for ohms - held the needles on the two pins of the gun control and there was no change in the reading when the trigger was pressed.

    Any ideas as to what this problem can be? Any advice on how to approach or troubleshoot this situation?


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    Well it's been a year and a half, have you figured it out yet. Reason I asked is I have the same problem.

    I am beginning to get used to it but it is still embarrassing, darn machine is smarter than I am. I had told it I was stick welding and until I turned it to flex core mig it would not feed the wire.

    Now to get it to teach me to run a bead.
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