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MIG Gun will not work - Miller Multimatic 200

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  • MIG Gun will not work - Miller Multimatic 200

    Multimatic 200 was purchased in August 2014. Switched it from the stick to mig yesterday and brought it on site. After it was all set up - the Mig Gun trigger was not winding the spool. We double check all applicable connections for the gun - all seemed well. The unit itself had power and was functioning but the gun would not activate the spool to send wire through. There were not errors on the screen. I have not tried it on stick yet - wanted to see if it worked with another setting. It is well taken care of. Has it's place in the shop when not in use. Is it possible for it to be an issue with the power source? or the gun control connection? Any troubleshooting tips or advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!