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  • Lincoln Ranger 405D

    Hey Guys,

    Well, although my blood runs blue I have gone and added a red component to my fleet. I have been watching the net for the last couple years for a 400amp+ engine drive and a month or so back a Lincoln Ranger 405D appeared. It has done 2500hrs but on a budget and considering this is the first multi-process engine drive that has come up in two years, beggars can't be choosers.
    I have done a couple jobs with it now and it runs like a clock, I am really happy with it.

    So now I want to know all there is to know about my new toy. I don't have a manual and my LWS Lincoln agent is a bit slack. I am told that it is made for the NZ/AU market but I cannot find any information on the net other than this brochure.

    Does anyone know anything about these machines? In particular I would like to know what the 14pin layout is so I can hook up my spool gun etc.

    hopefully this reaches someone who know something about my machine but all the same, merry Christmas and a happy new year


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    Found it.

    I have found a link for a manual.

    This may help somebody out in the future.


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      Problem is that it was made in Australia, for that particular market, so we in North America, will never see one. Even the wiring diagrams are Bizzare.


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        Originally posted by cruizer View Post
        Even the wiring diagrams are Bizzare.
        Of course, everything is upside-down, they are on the bottom side of the globe.
        Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say .....


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          Yeah being upside down is a real issue for us down under. Plus side is we are real good at head stands when we get back on top😄

          I was hoping to draw a response from someone else living upside down.

          So so far I am very happy with it, power is good and the arc is crisp and smooth.