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Problem with 211 Autoset welding on 110 volts

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  • Problem with 211 Autoset welding on 110 volts

    I've got a 211 Autoset with MVP and was welding on 110 v with 50 ft extension cord to reach project and now having problems. Welds good on 220 v but on 110 v wire speed is smooth but my arc has a fast pop to it, can feel it in gun. When it started was welding and tripped a breaker and running that distance with extension cord probably had low input voltage also, curios on what I damaged.Thanks,Rusty

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    I have a MM211, I thinking that 100' on 110volts is not going to work good at all. You would need a big wire in that cord and still thats a lot of voltage drop on 110. Give miller a call in there tech. dept. or someone on here will jump in that knows more than I do on this.. Also get on Welding Web .com there is a lot of info there just ask.....And the guys at Miller tech. are a big help also if you call them..