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Spectrum 625x-treme or spectrum 875??

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  • Spectrum 625x-treme or spectrum 875??

    Hello...First post.
    I was given as a gift the portable Spectrum 625 x-treme plasma cutter,
    with the option to exchange if not what I want.
    I have never used one the small portable cutters, and wonder if I should keep it, or exchange for the stationary Spectrum 875, which is more like what I have been using. I mostly cut sheet up to 3/8 plate...and every once in a while 1/2 inch plate. Cost is not an issue and I do not need a portable to take out on job sites. Should I keep the little box, or exchange? Are there any cons to the 625x-treme that I should be aware of?

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    I bought my 875 in 2010 & have been happy with it other than the stiff torch cable. I went with it because at the time I needed to clean cut 1/2" aluminum which takes more power than steel. If not for that I may have bought the 625 because I rarely use it on anything more than 1/2" steel. Above that I usually grab the torch. I don't do much aluminum that thick any more.

    I have not heard any bad things about either but I would think cutting 1/2" plate with the 625 will be maxing it out maybe?
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      Spectrum 625x-treme or spectrum 875??

      I have a 625 in my shop and have no complaints about it whatsoever. I believe it's rated for up to 5/8" steel cutting and 3/16" steel piercing? I have tested mine on both 1/2" steel and aluminum and it stood up to the task, the aluminum was only about a 4" long cut tho. It quite often cuts up entire sheets of 3/8" steel in my shop and cut quality remains good from start to finish.

      I did ponder the same question when it came time to buy one for my company, went with the 625 because I often need to throw it in the truck and use it on location.

      But nonetheless, been very happy with!


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        If cost doesn't matter and you don't plan to take it to the field then get the bigger machine. Always buy the biggest you can!

        The only other factor I would consider is input power. Sounds like you have plenty of electrical service to support a good size plasma.
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          Bigger is better in a way,but make shure you have power to run it IE. amperage...



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            Thank you all for your thoughts. I have been using a Lincoln Pro 55,
            which I am replacing. My husband got me the 625x-treme, with the option to I am trying to decide. Still not sure what to do.