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Spectrum 625x-treme vs Spectrum 875

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  • Spectrum 625x-treme vs Spectrum 875

    Hi Everyone. New here. I was given as a gift a new portable Miller Spectrum 625 x-treme plasma cutter,
    with the option to exchange it if needed. It is to replace my old Lincoln Pro55, which has served me well, but is in need of replacement. I do not need a portable because I just work in a shop making sculpture, cutting a lot of sheet metal and at most 1/2 in plate. My plasma cutter is mounted on a stationary stand
    and is never moved. But, I am used to a larger stationary cutter, and feel like I should exchange it for the Miller Spectrum 875. Cost in not really an issue. Should I keep the little cutie pie or exchange for a stationary machine? Is the cutting speed as fast with the 625?