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Went all out on Trailblazer 325 EFI

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  • Went all out on Trailblazer 325 EFI

    About a month ago I posted on getting a Bobcat or Trailblazer to replace the old Hobart. I debated and debated on it and finally just said the heck with it and bought the Trailblazer 325 EFI w/ Excel Power. It burns a 1/8" 7018 a 100 times sweeter than the Hobart ever thought about. I think the money was well spent the excel power feature is awesome, nice only having to listen to 2200 RPM instead of 3600 or so the Hobart would rev to with the smallest load. I also bought my first suitcase feeder to go with it the other day as well. Found a 12vs with profax gun used locally for $700, I know a 12rc would be better but thats a extra cord I gotta keep up with and my trucks packed enough as is. I've yet to test it out as far as welding with it cause I had to order some drive rolls and wire. Needless to say my Christmas was great, I just wanted to brag on the TB a little bit maybe to help anybody else on the Bobcat or TB decision.

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    Good machine! Some trouble but great welds!


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      Well congratulations, I hope it's everything you need it to be


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        The nice thing now is that you will never wish you would have bought the better one, You will soon forget about the little extra that you paid for the bigger machine but would have always regretted not bucking up and getting what you really wanted.

        You can throw that slow 1/8" rod away not that you have a feeder ( Except for overly windy days ) I usually find stuff to block the wind so I can use the feeder.

        Your in the big leagues now with that set up, Now things like equipment buckets become fun verses slow and teeteus with a 1/8" stick ( You will get the job done 2/3rds quicker now )


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          Thats what I plan on. I'm still gonna 7018 my I-beam rafters to the columns but as far as purlins, clips and the thinner stuff I'm gonna zip through it with the feeder. I ain't worried about the wind gonna run self shielded flux core wire.


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            What is the reason that you will stick weld the columns to the rafters ?
            Is it for the additional strength.


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              Yes for the strength anything load bearing I like running 7018.


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                Luke87, I weld structural all the time, Infact, Its welding on the heavy equipment that really tests my welds, ER70-s6 is a solid structural wire.

                They make plenty of Flux core wires that meet structural codes, talk to your weld supplier and see what he has to offer.

                When welding heavy equipment you might want to bump up to a ER 80-S6.

                You need to do some destructive testing with a 7018 rod and a matching wire.

                Find a heavy plate like a welding bench that is approximately 3/4" thick, then weld 18" long pipe made out of 1-1/4" pipe to the table with the mig on one and use your arc welder for the other.
                Then take a sledge hammer to them and let me know how things turn out after you beat them to death, they both should break just above the edge of the weld if you welded them correctly.