My boss gave me this welder and I would like to get it functional. I am not sure what is wrong with it other than it is non operational. I am electrically inclined so anything you may need me to check I can in due time. It is wired for 230v single phase. I have notes from someone who had previously looked at it and hope they may help. I also understand that autolink was in its early stages and had issues if this is what is determined to be wrong I am hoping that I may bypass this because it will never be used with any other input other than single phase 230.

Everything is checked off in his diagnosis sheets except for

The notes state that
Board PC1
RC2 pin 1 is reading 24vdc
RC2 pin is reading 0

Board PC6
From RC16-5 to RC16-6 he had a "?" and a reading of 32VDC

Thanks for any help you may provide me. I am really looking to find the root of the issue I am not the kind of guy that likes to replace a whole board because one 15 cent resistor is bad.

God bless and Merry Christmas