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TIG welding Titanium

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  • TIG welding Titanium

    I am looking for some information re: tig welding of Titanium; specifically CP and 6al4v alloys. I need to know the correct polarity and which types of tungsten to use, plus a rough idea of heat ranges. I am using an OLD but great working Blue Star machine with up to 550 amp capability, foot control pedal and pure argon gas. Material thickness will vary from .020 to 3/8" in thickness. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks, Don.
    Don Lafferty

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    Welding Titanium

    Titanium is easy to weld, providing that you have some basics,
    a) Titanium welds like steel or stainless, same polarity,same tungsten prep. Clean your material.

    b) Titanium is very sensitive to cover gas, starting below 500 deg F. You should invest in a large dia gas lens. Purging the inside of your weldment, and using a trailing cup is always a good idea.

    c) Titanium produces colors, more brilliantly than stainless. Only the chrome, or straw chrome colors are acceptable. Anything past straw gold is a failing joint in the eyes of the AWS.

    d) Use minimal heat input.

    Good Luck.


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      Check out this site - Tig Depot

      He has lots of stuff for TI Welding

      Bob Sigmon
      Bob Sigmon
      Dynasty 200DX w/ Coolmate 3
      Miller Passport
      LMSW-52T Spot Welder
      A/O Setup with Meco Midget
      Miller Big Window Elite
      Quincy QT-5HD


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        Thanks to both of you, great information! I think that with this help, I can get my stuff done. Don , TFracer115
        Don Lafferty